Helga Baumgartner    


Looking back I would say may conscious way as a Yogini stared  aged 14, when I decided to stop eating meat and started practicing relaxation through self-hypnosis. I had always been fascinated by movement and sports, but more as a tool to exhaust my energies, as I could not sit still for one minute. I still remember coming home from my first Yoga class, aged 20, and how I surprisingly could sleep without a restless legs syndrom for the first time in years.That has been almost 15 years ago now, and it was the beginning of a never-ending love story and a very dedicated and investigative Yoga practise.


Years later, after my architecture  & urbanism diploma, I discovered Vinyasa & Ashtanga Yoga and completed a Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Mandiram Barcelona (YA 200).

The 5 years in Barcelona were the most transformative for me, where I met important teachers who are now best friends, and ways of practicing Yoga that brought me even closer to what I had been looking for. I got to know Yin Yoga via my good friend & first Yin teacher Jose de Groot, and I started practicing Vipassana Meditation, both inseparable from my daily life ever since.

Since then I continued to study Yoga, Meditation and Vedanta intensively in Europe, the US and India.

When I left Barcelona to come back to Germany after 5 years, I found that Yin Yoga was totally undiscovered here! So I had to help myself and take my own first Yin Yoga TT with Paul & Suzee Grilley in California. I continued to teaching and studying with Paul & Suzee Grilley ever since, and I am happy to be completing the 5th level of Yin Yoga teacher training this summer of 2014 (YA 500) .

Whenever I could, I studied Yin Yoga with other well known teachers in the last 5 years, as so Sarah Powers, Biff Mitthoefer, Bernie Clarks, Josh Summers, Jose de Groot and Joe Barnett.


I am teaching Yang Yoga , what means dynamic Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, and Yin Yoga, which is physically, mentally and emotionally calming as well as revitalizing . This pair of opposites represents the balance I am looking for in Yoga, both for my own practise as well as to share Yoga in a class with others. Myfocus, though, lies in the calm beauty of Yin Yoga, which for my has a deep and therapeutic magic I truly admire. I am offering Yin Yoga classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in Germany, Austria and Greece. I teach in english, spanish and german (my mother tongue).


The philosophical base for my teaching lies in the study of Vedanta (the foundations of Yoga) with my mentor Swamini Pramananda in Europe and IndiaI am a founding member of Purna Vidya Europe and its non-profit foundation. We organize and offer conferences and retreats on Yoga and Vedanta led by Swamini Pramananda in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and India. www.purnavidya.eu


The body stable as a mountain, the breath free as the ocean, the heart open and free as the sky, that to me means Yoga.

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