Jasmijn Koelink

Yoga connects me with my physical capabilities and limitations. In doing that, it helps me relate to my own being with confidence and gentleness. Additionally, I notice that the way I handle my body mirrors how I act mentally and emotionally in life. This is what makes yoga a full life practice for me. It fascinates and inspires me -and I like to share that inspiration with others.

I have been a certified yoga teacher since 2011. I teach weekly lessons at Yoga Moves in Utrecht and Delight Yoga in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, plus I offer workshops and private sessions. I strive to keep my classes accessible, with plenty of room for individual attention and an emphatic attention to breathing.

My interest in yoga is ever expanding. I am fortunate to be able to assist and work with some of my teachers, including Max Strom. I work together with writer Geertje Couwenbergh, combining yoga with writing practice. I’m currently studying specific therapeutic forms of yoga.

website: http://jasmijnyoga.com/