Mariona Royo Olazaguirre

I have always been fascinated by life and take the time and space to develop my awareness.

I obtained a degree in therapeutic pedagogy and have worked in the field of psychology and child psychiatry for 10 years in Hospital San Juan de Dios in Barcelona.

In yoga I found inspiration and in 2008 I trained to become a teacher of Hata Vinyasa Yoga in Mandiram Center, Barcelona.
Since then I have continued learning and training with different teachers and styles including Hata, Vinyasa, Dharma Mittra, and Yoga Iyengar in India and Europe.

In 2010 I discovered Yin Yoga and my understanding of anatomy and yoga as a whole took to new level.
After this I focused on becoming a Yin Yoga teacher under the training of Jose de Groot (Barcelona, 2011- Uttrecht 2014), Sara Powers (Holland, 2012)  and Paul and Suzee Grilley (Thailand, 2013) and Biff Mithoefer (Barcelona, 2013).

I currently teach regular classes in Barcelona and Paris, lead workshops and collaborate with the yoga teacher training courses below.
* 200 hour European Yoga Alliance Teacher Training for Hata Vinyasa Yoga in Mandiram Center, Barcelona.
* Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Jose de Groot in Barcelona and Holland.
* 200 hour US Yoga Alliance Teacher Training of Hata Vinyasa Yoga in Barcelona.

Guided by my mentor Swamini Pramananda I am studying Vedanta, the philosophic foundations of yoga, in India and Europe.

I am a founding member of the Purna Vidya Foundation which is a non-profit organization. We organize and offer conferences and retreats led by Swamini Pramananda in Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.


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