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Master class: Yin Yoga Going Deep 
with José de Haan – de Groot


Go one step further in your Yin practice; stay longer in the poses than ever before, and discover the depths of your body and mind!


In this three-hour Master class, you will stay in the poses longer than usual. Instead of 5 minutes, poses will be held for 10, or even up to 15 minutes. The effects of this kind of practice are extremely healing on a physical, mental and emotional level.


We begin with a long, partly-guided meditation, in which you become aware of what is present: your breath, thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. Subsequently, by remaining extra time in various poses within the Yin Yoga sequence, you will be confronted with your personal boundaries and blockages on an emotional, physical and mental level, encouraging the body to relax completely, and accepting everything as it appears from moment to moment.

Likewise, it is a valuable opportunity to pay additional attention to the tightest areas of the body, and to be able to balance the left and right sides.


A pose can sometimes trigger intense effects, and if this occurs, José will be there to guide you, enabling you to get to the core of whatever may appear, and providing greater insight into your entire being. The practice will finish with the energetic effects of a well-deserved, extended period of relaxation. The Master class with conclude with meditation, allowing anything that may have come up to settle without judgement.

Let go of all your fears and control to enjoy whatever will be revealed to you.



This Master class is open to experienced Yin Yogis and yoginis, who want to take a step further in relaxation, introspection and opening up the body from head to toe.

Not recommended for pregnant women, due to longer held poses.

What to bring:

- Yin Yoga is a passive form of yoga where we don’t generate much heat through asanas. So keep yourself warm and comfortable, wear layers, warm socks and if you get cold easily you might want to bring a blanket with you.

- Bring a fluid-container that you can close. Open containers with fluids are not allowed in the yogaroom.

Upcoming Master classes:

Sunday: 16th September 2018:          14:00H - 17:00H 



Depending on the participating students, the Master class will be given in English or Dutch.