Master class: Yin Yoga & Mindfulness, Centrum Well, Utrecht




14.00H - 17.00H


37 €

* There are 25 spots available!




Centrum Well
Doelenstraat 34

By train?
Travel to Station Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn, from there it is a 7 minute walk to the location. 

By car?
Parking option 1: Parking garage Vaartsche Rijn (€21 for a whole day), from there it is a 7 minute walk to the location. 

Parking option 2: Tolsteegplantsoen (still free parking), from there it is a 12 minute walk to the location. 

Parking option 3: P+R Papendorp take bus 29 (direction De Uithof WKZ via Balijelaan) it goes every 30 minutes to Station Vaartsche Rijn (busride lasts 7 minutes), from there it is a 7 minute walk to the location. 

Information and

To participate in this Master class, please send an email to: [email protected].

Full payment is required to ensure your place. Registration is confirmed when transfer is complete.

Master class: Yin Yoga & Mindfulness 
with José de Haan – de Groot


In this three-hour Master class, combining Yin Yoga and Mindfulness, you’ll learn skills to  notice, accept and let go of 'positive and negative' thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, thus creating opportunities to handle or deal with your experiences differently.


We begin with a guided meditation, in which we become aware of our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, while watching the breath. Subsequently, in the Yin Yoga sequence, by remaining for 5 minutes or longer in various poses, we are confronted with our habitual patterns, limits and blockages on an emotional, physical and mental level, encouraging the body to relax completely and accepting everything as it appears from moment to moment. A pose can sometimes trigger intense effects, and if this occurs, we learn not drop any judgement and meet our limits with loving kindness and compassion. The practice will finish with the energetic effects of a well-deserved relaxation. The Master class will conclude with a Metta meditation that softens and opens our heart to ourself and others with a sense of connectedness.


The combination of Yin Yoga & Mindfulness brings you closer to yourself, hydrates your joints, stimulates your overall energy and opens the connective tissues of your hips, legs, lower back and torso.



This Master class is open to all those who are looking for connection, relaxation and friendliness, regardless of age, body type or level of fitness. Suitable for total beginners as well as advanced yoga and/or meditation practitioners. Also open to pregnant women.

What to bring:

- Your own yoga mat and a blanket (for relaxation).

- Some easy-to-carry props such as: blanket, blocks, a belt and a pillow or bolster. Consider what you may need during your Yin yoga practice.

- Yin Yoga is a passive form of yoga where we don’t generate much heat through asanas. So keep yourself warm and comfortable, wear layers, warm socks and if you get cold easily you might want to bring a blanket with you.

- Bring a fluid-container that you can close. Open containers with fluids are not allowed in the yogaroom.


Depending on the participating students, the Master class will be given in English or Dutch.

Upcoming Master Classes:
Sunday: 20th of October 2019:  14:00 - 17:00