Private classes

I offer private Yin and/or Yang yoga classes, especially adapted to your needs and interest.

A private session can be very appropiate to help you get started with yoga,  to personalize, deepen and / or to develop your existing practice, or because you need special attention for a specific health problem. These sessions are the perfect tool to restore the balance between body, mind and spirit. You gain awarenesss of patterns and habits causing pain and unbalance in your career, your relationships or your health.

Private Yoga sessions are recommended if you're dealing with:
- Stress
- Injuries
- Backpain
- Lack of energy
- Bad posture
- Indigestion
- Emotional disbalance
- Fertility issues

* Prices for a single session:
90 minutes:   €  103,50 (includes 30 minutes intake, so the class is 60 minutes)
120 minutes: € 138,00 (includes 30 minutes intake, so the class is 90 minutes)

* Prices for 4 classes:
60 minutes: € 345,00 (1st session is 30 minutes longer due to intake) 
90 minutes: € 517,50 (1st session is 30 minutes longer due to intake)

I offer the private sessions at my house in Austerlitz.

Are you interested?
Please contact me at: [email protected] (Jose)

* Taxes are not included in the prices.