Anatomy & Yin Yoga Module 1 (40 hour), Weesp


12-09-2017 - 20-09-2017


This Training will be filmed for use on the Ekhart Yoga website. Upon attending you will be required to sign a document that you agree to this. This is also the reason that we only charge a small fee of  €350,- for this 7 day module. Included are coffee and tea but you will need to bring your own lunch. 

This price includes the manual made by José €35,-

* The reader is to be handed out at the start of the module.

* The remaining material can be bought online. 




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There are only 6 spots available.

Sign up via [email protected] and this works on a (first come first served) basis.

* Paying the course fee secures your place on this course.
When you sign up you will get a confirmation email with info on how to pay the course fee.

Anatomy & Yin Yoga Module 1 (40 hours)
Based on the teachings of Paul Grilley


Deepen your Yin yoga practice with the Anatomy & Yin Yoga Module 1, which will be recorded on the video set of Ekhart Yoga.


This 40-hour module enriches your Yin yoga practice and increases your knowledge of anatomy, which you will learn to apply practically to teaching and adjusting Yin yoga poses. Enabling you to practice and teach safe and creative Yin yoga classes. This module is also a valuable addition to previously acquired anatomical knowledge in other Yoga Teacher Trainings.


The intensive study of anatomy and physiology, along with extensive practical exercises with fellow students, will reveal the uniqueness of the human body and the different ranges of movement of every individual. Range of movement may be due to stiffness of the body tissues, or be caused by skeletal compression, which is determined by the shape of your bones. You will discover how both causes will influence the way you perform yoga poses. Such understanding, enables you to practice and teach the poses in a personal, conscious and functional way, and striving for the ideal “picture” of a yoga pose is no longer important. In this way, not only do you enhance your anatomical knowledge theoretically, but practically it will also provide space for creativity, as well as infinite possibilities in practicing yoga poses and/or guiding your (future) students.


Furthermore, you will also study the muscles and fascia of the hips, torso and legs. Focusing on these muscle groups is a guideline for the analysis and practice of 20 Yin poses. By studying the bones and joints of the skeleton and their corresponding joint movements, you will also learn how to strengthen and stimulate the different connective tissue types in a healthy manner.

During the module there will be a daily Yin yoga practice, as well as experimenting  with adjusting and the usage of props. Lastly you will explore the basic principles of Taoism and Chinese Medicine.


TeacherJosé de Haan - de Groot



Suitability and requirements:

The module is open to students with a regular Yin yoga practice, and who know the names of the Yin yoga poses. The module is suitable for those looking to eventually teach Yin yoga classes and/or would like to deepen their own Yin yoga practice. Additionally it may assist those who wish to expand their professional skills as a yoga teacher.
To prepare for this module we advise you to take online classes and/or join a Yin Yoga & Reiki retreat with José.




Before and during the program, you should take into account the additional time to be dedicated to self-study.

-          Homework assignments 

-          Taking online & attending regular Yin yoga classes 

-          Creating and maintaining your own Yin yoga and meditation practice 

-          Practicing teaching (individually and in groups) 

-          Reading/studying the given material 


Following the seven days of the module, you can choose to upgrade the 40 hours up to 100 hours and/or 200 hours. Then as well additional self-study time should be taken into account. For more information please, please contact José via email ([email protected]).   


Required material:

Read books 1 and 2 (focus on bones, joints and their movements, thigh and torso muscles), and watch the DVD before the start of the module. This material already provides an anatomical basis. Book 3 can be read to deepen your Yin yoga practice and to receive tools for teaching Yin yoga classes. All three books and the manual will be (re)-read and studied again during the module days.  


Manual: "Anatomy & Yin Yoga Teacher Training Part 1" - Jose de Haan - de Groot

Book 1:   "The Key Muscles of Yoga" - Ray Long

Book 2:   "Anatomy of Movement" - Blandine Calais – Germain

Book 3:   "The complete guide to Yin Yoga" - Bernie Clark

DVD:       "Anatomy for Yoga" - Paul Grilley


* When you want to upgrade the 40 hours up to 100 hours, then also the following book is required: 

Book 4:   "True Meditation" – Adyashanti


Part of the 200-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training (YA):
This short and intensive 40-hour Anatomy & Yin Yoga Module 1 is part of José’s 200-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Would you like to upgrade the 40 hours up to a 200-hour teacher training? Then you can attend the additional route in which you will have more practice in teaching, sequencing, adjusting and the usage of props. You will also explore and deepen your personal meditation practice.

The additional route consists out of 60 hours. A successful completion of the 40-hour and 60-hour trajectories, equals the Anatomy & Yin Yoga Teacher Training Part 1 (100 hours) offered by José. For a 200-hour Yin yoga certification from Jose (recognized by Yoga Alliance -YA), you also have to attend the 100-hour Part 2 Anatomy & Yin Yoga Teacher Training.


* For more information, please contact José via email ([email protected]).    


The module will be taught in English. The manual is written in English, as is the case for the aforementioned material requirements.

Dates and schedule:

7 module days: 

12th till 15th September 2017: 09.30-17.00
18th till 20th September 2017: 09.30-17.00


* All seven Module days must be attended.



For attending the 40 hours Module you will receive a certificate of attendance.

If you would like to upgrade it to a certificate of 100 hours, then you have to successfully complete the following 60 hours:
1: First attend two adjusting yin poses workshops (2 x 25H) prices: €150 + €120
* October 6th-8th 2017 Utrecht
* January 19th-21st 2018 Utrecht
2: Lastly attend a Practicum & Theory exam day (10H) price: €80
* April 22nd 2018 Utrecht
* December 16th 2018 Utrecht

The 100-hours equals the Anatomy & Yin Yoga Teacher Training Part 1 (100 hours) and is part of the 200-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training offered by José. This training is certified by Yoga Alliance. 

When you have successfully completed and upgraded the 40-hour module up to 100-hours, then you can sign up for Part 2 of the Teacher Training. When you have successfully completed both part 1 and 2, you can register with Yoga Alliance.