Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training (200 hours), Mandiram Yoga, Barcelona


17-08-2019 - 21-02-2021


Deposit: € 500, - (this amount will be deducted from the EARLY BIRD price or the normal price)
Early Bird Price: € 2.195, - (registration and payment until April 17th 2019)
Regular Price: € 2.395, - (registration and payment after April 17th 2019 & before July 1st 2019)

* There are also payment plans. See details of the payment arrangements in the application form.
** There are 30 places available! The training proceeds with a minimum of 15 people.

*** Full payment is required to ensure your place. Registration is confirmed when transfer is complete. 
**** The price includes all the course dates, two manuals, evaluations and observations in classes. 
***** The price excludes the cost of the books, travel, lunch & Ekhart Yoga subscription (optional). 

****** As mentioned, you will need to purchase the additional required books and dvd’s for this training. All learning material and books are in English.




Escuela de Yoga Mandiram 
POBLENOU (google maps)
Roc Boronat, 114
08018 Barcelona Tel. 93 015 35 37

Email: info@yogaenmandiram.com 

Information and

If you meet the below requirements, you can register for this course at Mandiram (info@yogaenmandiram.com ). You will be sent an application form. 

In case of doubt, please contact José directly at: [email protected]

Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training (200 hours)
Based on the teachings of Paul Grilley 

A practical and in-depth program to deepen your Yin yoga practice, to hand you tools to practically use your knowledge of (energetic) anatomy and learn how to give creative and safe Yin yoga lessons.

Do you want to share your passion for Yin Yoga?


Master the practical applicability of (energetic) anatomy to personalise the yin practice, broaden your understanding of Yin yoga (both physically, energetically and emotionally), help you to find your voice, your confidence and learn how to share your love of Yin yoga! Completing José’s program gives you the opportunity to teach, adjust and practice Yin yoga in personalized, safe and inspiring way.

From day one José will guide you in deepening your practice and encourages your skills to become a confident and creative teacher. To become a source of inspiration begins with your own personal yoga practice, both on and off the mat. Yoga is not just physical, but a practice of the heart, mind and spirit. Be prepared to discover your mental and physical tendencies through this journey.

José offers the 200 hours Yin & Anatomy Teacher Training spread out over 16 or 19 months. After the first 100 hours, you will have 4 months to practice and apply what you have learned in the first half of the training, in order to prepare for the second half of the training. Taking time to complete this training will ensure you to get enough practice time in teaching, adjusting and making the teachings your own.   


Let’s discover together the healing benefits of Yin yoga!


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José’s Yin yoga program (est. 2015) is one of the Netherlands top teacher training for yin yoga. José sets a standard for quality in training and with result: her graduates are confident, creative and are able to adapt and personalise the practice to the student’s needs.



What will you learn?
- How to practice, teach and adjust yoga poses functionally (feeling and experiencing the benefits of poses), instead of practicing, teaching or adjusting them aesthetically (showing or doing the poses the way they should look like). 
- In a fun and practical way how the body functions physically and energetically by studying anatomy (bones, muscles, fascia, joints, movements, organs, connective tissue) and meridian theory (chi, meridian pathways, 5 element theory).
- To practically use the anatomical and meridian knowledge enabling you to see and respond to people, their unique bodies, and their potential while teaching.
- To use props and give personalized and functional adjustments in order for your future students to get a beneficial yin practice without unnecessary pain nor injuries.
- To personalize and deepen your own practice and understanding of Yin Yoga.
- What various lower and upper body Yin yoga poses can do for the body and the energetic balance.
- Pranayama techniques to enhance the healing effects of the Yin practice and to feel and guide the chi flow.
- How to be in the moment and how to observe without action or reaction, by practicing meditation. 
- About Chinese Medicine, Taoism and Yoga Sutras, to give insight in your constitution and how to restore physical, emotional and mental imbalances with Yoga poses, Meditation, Pranayama, Nutrition and a certain the way of life. It will give you tools to teach your classes on a heart-mind level. 
- To intelligently sequence and teach safe, personalized and creative yoga classes that are inspirational.

Content of first half (100 hours)

The first part focuses mainly on the physical aspects (movements, skeleton and muscles) of the Yin practice, and gives you a solid foundation to teach and adjust the 20 lower body yin yoga poses in a safe and personalised manner.


- Daily meditation, pranayama (6 techniques) and Yin yoga practice (20 lower body poses).

- Personal development.
- Theory and Practice in Anatomy and physiology: studying bones, joints & movements; muscles, muscle groups and fascia of the hips, legs and torso. 
- Learning how to assess the anatomical differences between people and how to apply that in the Yin Yoga practice.
- Learning how to strengthen and stimulate the body in a healthy manner.
- Practice in teaching and adjusting the 20 lower body poses.
- Practice in usage of props.
- Training to teach safe and personalized Yin yoga classes.
- Learning to sequence.
- Basic principles of Taoism and Chinese medicine.


Content of second half (100 hours):
The second part focuses mainly on the energetic, emotional and healing aspects (meridians, chi, organs & emotions) of the Yin practice, and allows you to teach and adjust the 15 upper body yin yoga poses in a safe and in-depth manner.


- Extensive study of Chinese medicine & 5 Element Theory
- Study of the necessary Sutras. 
- Theory and Practice in Anatomy and physiology: studying the upper body (muscles of the arms & shoulders), reviewing of the lower body (hips, legs, torso) and an in-depth study of connective tissue, fascia and organs to understand the energetic anatomy of chi and meridians.
- Theory and Practice in Energetic Anatomy: studying meridians, meridian pathways and their connection to the organs and elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal). 
- Understanding of energetic anatomy and a healthy functioning of the body and mind.
- Learning to recognize various forms of Chi - physical, mental and emotional reactions - and the ability to determine if they are in balance.  
- Learning how to use the 35 Yin Yoga poses to balance any blockage, excess or deficiency of Chi in the meridian pathway.
- Daily meditation, pranayama (6 more techniques) and Yin yoga practice (15 upper body poses).
- Personal development.
- Practice in teaching and adjusting the 15 upper body poses.
- Practice in usage of props.
- Training to teach safe, personal and in-depth Yin yoga classes.
- Learning to sequence.

José de Haan - de Groot iis leading this training. José is an 500 E-RYT (experienced and registered) yoga teacher. José has taught in the last 13 years and has trained hundreds of yoga teachers. In addition, guest teachers have been invited to share their specialism.

Suitability and requirements:

The training is open to everyone.

José requires that you have a minimum of 6 months of a significant exposure to yin yoga before enrolling in this teacher-training program. If you have les experience or practice, then please discuss this with José ([email protected]).
She wants to make sure that trainees have a good basic foundation in practicing Yin yoga postures before learning how to teach. 

Online classes are not included, unless there is no other option (please discuss the options with José [email protected]).

Apart from taking regular classes, we advise you to take José’s online classesmaster classesYin & Reiki workshops and/or participate in a Yin Yoga & Reiki retreat, to prepare for the training. 


Before and during the program, you should take into account the additional time to be dedicated to self-study.

-          Homework assignments
-          Attending/observing Yin yoga classes
-          Creating and maintaining your own Yin yoga and meditation practice
-          Practicing teaching (individually and in groups)
-          Reading/studying the given material


Required material:

First 100 hours:
Read book 1 (volume 1: p. 3-23), and watch the DVD before the start of the training. This material already provides an anatomical basis. Books 1, 2 and 3 will be read and studied during the training. The manuals are to be handed out at the start of the training.

Manual:  "Anatomy & Yin Yoga Teacher Training Part 1" - José de Haan - de Groot
Book 1:   "Your body your yoga" - Bernie Clark
Book 2:   "The complete guide to Yin Yoga" - Bernie Clark
Book 3:   "True Meditation" - Adyashanti (NL/ENG)
DVD :      "Anatomy for Yoga" - Paul Grilley

Second 100 hours:

Read books 1 & 2 roughly before the start of the training. This material already provides a basis for the energetic anatomy (Chi/Meridians). Book 3 will be read during the training.  
Manual:  "Anatomy & Yin Yoga Teacher Training Part 2" - José de Haan - de Groot
Book 1:   "Insight Yoga" – Sarah Powers 
Book 2:   "Yin Yoga principles & practice" - Paul Grilley
Book 3:   "The yin yoga kit"- Biff Mithoefer  

Recommended material (optional):

DVD :    "Yin Yoga DVD" - Paul Grilley
Book:    "Yin Yoga Outline of a quiet practice" - Paul Grilley
Book:    "The Key muscles of Yoga" - Ray Long
Book:    "Anatomy of Movement" - Blandine Calais – Germain
Book:    "Thieme atlas of anatomy general anatomy and musculoskeletal system)" – Michael
             Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher
Book:   "Thieme atlas of anatomy (neck and internal organ)" – Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo
Book:   "The web that has no weaver" – Ted J. Kaptchuk
Book:   "Dragon rises, red bird flies" – Leon Hammer

Book:   "A manual of acupuncture" – Peter Deadman
Book:   "Eastern Body Western Mind" – Anodea Judith
Book:   " The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy" – Cyndi Dale


The reader is in English, as is the case for the aforementioned material requirements.
The training will be given in Spanish.

Dates and schedule:
First half of the training 2019 (100 hours):

7 Days:               17th till 24th of August 2019: 9:30 - 17:00 (Sat-Sat) (Wed 21st of August free)
4 Days:               14th till 17th of November 2019: 9:30 - 17:00 (Thurs-Sun)
3 Days:               13th till 15th of March 2020: 9:30 - 17:00 (Fri-Sun)

Second half of the 2020 (100 hours):
7 Days  :             15th till 22nd of August 2020: 9:30 - 17:00 (Sat-Sat) (Wed 19th of August free)
4 Days:               12th till 15th of November 2020: 9:30 - 17:00 (Thurs-Sun)
3 Days:               19th till 21st of February 2021: 9:30 - 17:00 (Fri-Sun)


José offers sufficient contact training hours and asks serious commitment from students. Upon successful completion of the program, you can register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200 (internationally recognised Yoga Teacher certificate).