Yoga Immersion

Learn, develop and experience.

Yogatreat offers a deepening Anatomy Yin & Yang Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), several inspiring anatomy immersions of 50 hours which can be integrated within other Yoga Trainings and yoga sessions which can form a part of a new or existing Corporate Training.

In the Anatomy Yin & Yang Yoga Teacher Training different topics are covered: analysis and practice of yoga poses (asanas), anatomy for yoga, yoga philosophy, ethics, teaching techniques and coaching.
With the Anatomy Yoga Teacher Training you will deepen your yoga practice, enhance your self-knowledge and you take a step on the path of inspiring others.

* For further information on the scheduled Yoga Teacher Trainings please check the calendar.
Within Yoga and/or Corporate Trainings the yoga immersions and/or sessions focus on the desired goal of the training as a whole, the intended group result and the individual participant's wishes, needs and possibilities.

Each yoga session is based on a high quality approach and personal attention, tailored to the needs of the specific (corporate) training. It is centered around personal growth, awareness and your own experiences. You will become aware of your thought patterns, emotions and how you use your body, but also how that affects your interaction with others.

A session consists of accessible exercises, several techniques and surprising information, all with the goal of making you healthier, more conscious, better able to cope with stress, more decisive and more authentic: it will touch you personally and positively impact the group process.

* About the specific elements to be included and how best to integrate these within the program will be agreed up-front with you or your training provider.

Yogatreat works together with other professionals who share this mission: to inspire, motivate and enhance knowledge and understanding on a physical, mental and emotional level.

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