Adjustment workshop for Yin Yoga, De Yoga Studio, Eindhoven


10-03-2017 - 12-03-2017


Fri: 19:00H - 22:00H & Sat & Sun: 9:30H - 17:00H


€170,- for the whole weekend

Discount for students who repeat this workshop: € 140

* Full payment is required to ensure your place. Registration is confirmed when transfer is complete.

* There are 30 spots available! 




De Yoga Studio
Hessen Kasselstraat 4
5615 SM Eindhoven
Phone number: +31 (40) 2932999

Information and

If you meet the below requirements, you can register for this workshop at De Yoga Studio.  

In case of doubt or for purchasing the reader, you can contact José directly at: [email protected] .

Adjustment workshop for Yin Yoga

Practice, deepen and improve your adjusting skills and knowledge of how to use props for Yin yoga poses with this workshop!

During this practical weekend you will have intensive practice of adjusting and using props for the 20 basic Yin yoga poses. 

The weekend’s main objective is to refresh and repeat the functions and accompanying cues of the Yin yoga poses with their anatomical principles. Why is this repetition so essential? The cues, principles and functions form the basis for teaching Yin yoga classes, and for providing personalised and creative adjustments for your current and/or future students; whose physical abilities will be individual and varied.


On Friday night we will revise and repeat the theoretical principles and concepts, finishing with a one-hour Yin yoga practice, leaving you well-prepared for the practical  weekend ahead. Saturday and Sunday will begin with a one-hour Yin yoga practice, to start your day in a Yin manner, and to immediately recognise the functional descriptions and adjustments of the poses. After a short break we will immediately begin to look at adjustments and prop usage for the 20 Yin yoga poses, both individually as well as in small groups. 


TeacherJosé de Haan - de Groot

Suitable for:

-         Students who have participated in the 50 hour Anatomy & Yin Yoga Teacher Training Part 1 with José. It is aimed at the students who have received an attendance certificate as well as those students who have already received a completion certificate. This workshop is especially designed to gain further practice in guiding and adjusting Yin yoga poses, as was taught during the teacher training.

-         Yin yoga teachers, who have done their teacher training elsewhere. Please let José know what experience you have via email.

-         Advanced Yin yoga practitioners, who like to gain more insight in how to adjust the poses making their practice more personalized.

* If you have taken a different Yin Yoga Teacher Training, please discuss your participation options with José at:[email protected] 

Workshop attendees who have not done the Anatomy & Yin Yoga TT part 1 with Jose, have to buy the Manual (€35) with the necessary anatomical principles and functions of the 20 Yin poses. This in preparation for the workshop.

* The reader
 can be bought separately, for the details please contact José at: [email protected] 


What to bring:

- The reader that you received for Anatomy & Yin Yoga Teacher Training Part 1.

- The notes and/or assignment for: functions and cues for the 20 Yin yoga poses.



To be well prepared for this workshop, it is advisable to study the following: 

- The "additional notes" in the reader. 

- The muscles and the muscle group names of the ‘Torso and Thigh Mandalas’. 

- The movements of the joints. Not only the names of the movements, but also the number of possible movements that each individual joint can make. 

- The notes and/or assignment on 'functions and cues for the 20 Yin yoga poses’. Think of: stretch, compression (wanted/unwanted) and the desired target areas of the poses.

* If you have taken a different Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you will have to look up the muscles that belong to the muscle groups of the ‘Torso and Thigh Mandalas’ - see reader. Also revisit the cues you use for the 20 basic Yin yoga poses. 


After adequate completion of all contact hours and homework assignments you can receive a certificate of 25 hours. 
Students who have participated in the 50 hour Anatomy & Yin Yoga TT Part 1 with José, can use these hours to complement their 50-hour certificate. For more information, please contact José at: [email protected] 


Dates and times:

10th March 2017: 19:00H - 22:00H
11th - 12th March 2017: 9:30H - 17:00H 

* In the morning and afternoon there will be a 15-minute break.

* Lunch break 13:00 - 14:00.