Workshop: Adjusting workshop for Yin Yoga


24-10-2015 - 25-10-2015


09.30h - 17.00h


€120,- for the whole weekend

* There are 25 spots available! 




Centrum Well
Doelenstraat 34

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* Tea is present during the whole weekend.
* Lunch can be enjoyed in the environment or otherwise bring your own lunch.

For further questions and/or information you can email me at: [email protected] (José)

Adjusting workshop for Yin Yoga


Practice, improve and refresh your adjusting techniques for the 20 basic Yin Yoga poses with this workshop!


During this practical weekend you will continue practicing with adjusting and guiding yoga students into the 20 basic poses, which you have studied already during the Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training level 1.


This weekend’s main objective is to refresh your existing knowledge of the anatomical principles and the functions of the 20 Yin poses you have studied during Yin TT level 1. These principles and functions are the basis for providing personalized, therapeutic and creative adjustments to your current and/or future students each with varying physical abilities.


We start both days with a one hour Yin practice. So you can start your day in a Yin manner and to have the opportunity to immediately recognize the functional descriptions of the poses. After a short break, we will refresh our knowledge of the concepts and functions of the poses. This theoretical part is of short duration, as this weekend is especially offered for being practically busy with the 20 Yin poses and adjusting those poses. On Saturday we go over 10 poses and the same counts for Sunday. We end both days with a half hour of meditation, provided that the course of the day allows it.

TeacherJosé de Haan - de Groot



Suited for:

This adjusting workshop is suited for students who have done Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training level 1 with José de Groot. It is both for the students who have received a certificate of attendance and for students who have already received a certificate. This weekend is primarily meant to practice some more with the poses and adjusting. It is therefore suitable for anyone who participated in the Yin TT level 1.


What to bring:

- The reader of Yin TT level 1 and your notes on the functions of the 20 Yin poses.

- Your own yoga mat and blanket (for relaxation).

- Perhaps you have also some props as: blocks, belts, husk, which you can easily carry.



To be well prepared for this weekend, read your notes, reader and material again thoroughly:

Book: "The complete guide to Yin Yoga" - Bernie Clark

Book: "The Key muscles of Yoga" - Ray Long

Book: "Anatomy of Movement" - Blandine Calais - Germain

DVD: "Anatomy for Yoga" - Paul Grilley


Dates and times:

24 & 25 October 2015: 09: 30h - 17: 00h

* There is in the morning and in the afternoon a 15 minute break.

* From 13:00 to 14:00, lunch break.