Workshop: Compassion with Swamini Pramananda (Ammaji), De Nieuwe Yoga School, Amsterdam




15.30h - 18.30h


25 €




De Nieuwe Yogaschool
Laurierstraat 109

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Compassion with Ammaji

Have we ever taken the time to think what compassion means? What are the characteristics

of a compassionate person?  Can we call ourselves compassionate beings?

During this workshop, Ammaji, will shed some light on these questions.


Back to the essence: Vedanta is the philosophical tradition based on the ancient scriptures of India, the Vedas. Vedanta is the search for self knowledge; it conerns itself with answering the ultimate question about the nature of man: WHO AM I?


About Ammaji: Swamini Pramananda  fondly known as Ammaji, is a spiritual guide,  and a highly regarded teacher of Vedanta and Sanskrit with over 30 years of teaching-experience. Ammaji worked in New York for 10 years where she completed a Master Degree in Microbiology.  She has a strong scientific background and is familiar with our western thought.  She has represented Hinduism in Buddhist-Hindu  and Yogi-Sufi dialogues in India, Cambodia, Nepal and Japan, as well as, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference  in Copenhagen.  Currently she teaches and supports many social programs in poor communities in India. In addition, she organizes seminars and spiritual retreats throughout the world.

17th of November Ammaji visits De Nieuwe Yogaschool. She will bring with her the ageless knowledge of Vedanta and offer the workshop 'compassion'.