Workshop: Playing with the Yin and Yang of Yoga, Studio Momo Amsterdam




10.00h - 18.00h


80 €
* tea included but lunch excluded
Bring your own lunch or there are nice cafe´s around the corner where you can eat something.  




Studio Momo
Herengracht 377

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o.v.v. Functional Yoga April 15th

Connecting yoga philosophy, anatomy and asana practice

With José de Groot and David Dodd

Full-day workshop focusing on connecting yoga philosophy and asana practice for practical use.

Grow your ability to find both strength and relaxation in each yoga pose (sthira sukham asanam). Throughout the day we will focus on the balance between effort and effortlessness, between doing and being. You will deepen your knowledge of the foundations of your physical strength; discover your possibilities and limitations in movement, and explore when to go further and when to ease off.

Our day together consists of two yoga asana practices (dynamic 'yang' and yin) and learning about the anatomy of your legs. You will hear stories about, and discuss, the origins of the terms Yin and Yang (Chinese Taoism) and the links between yoga and Taoism, and we will explore how the interplay of the Yin and Yang poles of yoga manifest in your practice and daily life. 

A full day leaving you feel turned inside out, more aware and inspired!

* This workshop is ideal for anyone (from those with little experience of yoga practice to those who may already be teaching) who is seeking to grow his or her awareness in yoga and explore the potential of yang and yin practices for doing this.