Workshop: Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine (metal and water), Heerlenheide




11.00h - 15.30h


Whole day: 49 € 
* Inclusive a tasty hot vegetarian soup, tea and something good to with it.

Lunch break from 13.00h – 13.30h
Take your own sandwich with you.




Yoga Centrum Heerlerheide
Gravenstraat 65

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Marianne Haagmans [email protected]
Jose [email protected]

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* The maximum number of students is 15.

Yin Yoga under the spell of the elements ´metal and water´
Yoga teacher: Jose de Groot

Yoga and Chinese Medicine, two ancient practices with a common goal to harmonize man.

Deepen and enrich your Yin Yoga practice with these 2 two-hour Yin Yoga sessions, in which you will stimulate, cleanse and harmonize the Lung, Large Intestine, Kidney and Urinary Bladder.

After a brief explanation of the element and Yin-Yang theory of the Chinese medicine, you will enjoy a sequence of specific Yin Yoga poses that balance the organs and its corresponding meridians of the metal and water elements. Deeply stored emotions like sadness, fear and uncertainty will be freed.
And on a physical level, you will open up the chest, relax your neck and shoulders, stretch your entire back and you increase the flexibility of your legs (hamstrings). Both sessions end with a relaxation and awareness meditation.

Balancing the metal and water energy with Yin Yoga,gives you more energy, makes you more positive, reduces anxiety and detoxifies the body.

Live it, experience it and feel reborn! 


Morning, metal element: 11.00h - 13.00h
Afternoon, water element: 13.30h - 15.30h