Workshop: Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine, Studio Momo Amsterdam




17.00h - 19.30h


35 € (tea included)




Studio Momo
Herengracht 377

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Yoga & Chinese medicine, two ancient practices with a common goal: to harmonize mankind.

Experience the element 'fire', as referred to in the Chinese medicine.

At first, Jose will introduce the Chinese Yin-Yang theory and the element ´fire´ with its associated organs and meridians (Heart and Small Intestine). In the Chinese medicine it is the heart that controls our mental activity and is the home of our spirit. The mind is only a place where thoughts are received and stored; the energy of the Heart controls these thoughts. The splendor of the Heart Chi makes us shine and it expresses our ability to communicate our thoughts and emotions and how we relate to ourselves, others and our environment. Although physically the Heart and Small Intestine are not connected, they share the same characteristic energy. Both choose what is important to or what may be discarded from our body and mind. If this process is unbalanced, there might occur an excess of the element "fire" in the system and can cause digestion problems (diarrhea or constipation), heart disease, loss of speech and chronic sadness.

Then you can enjoy a specific Yin Yoga session in which we unblock, harmonize and stimulate the energy of these organs. We also release related deep emotions (shyness, intolerance, panic, hyperactivity, impulsiveness and loss of memory).

On a physical level, we open the chest, enhance the range of movement of the shoulders, and increase the flexibility of the arms, torso and thoracic spine.

Balancing the energy of the Heart and Small Intestine with Yin Yoga, makes us feel more active, alive, healthy and happy with inner peace.

You´ll feel happier and more connected to yourself and your environment!