Workshop: Yin Yoga & Reiki and Chinese Medicine, Yoga Moves, Utrecht




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Yoga Moves
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Yin Yoga & Reiki
Deep connection, gentle touch

With José de Groot & Jordi Ibern

Treat yourself on a full body stretch, a detoxification of your organs and a deep, personal experience with the union of Yin Yoga & Reiki.

The subtle energy of Yin Yoga and the healing power of Reiki is a mutually reinforcing cooperation of therapeutic work for the benefit of your physical, mental or emotional health.

In these workshops you will enhance your knowledge on the element and yin-yang theories of the Chinese Medicine. Not through study but through personal experience during the Yin Yoga & Reiki sessions. Both practices will start with a guided meditation to generate Reiki and is followed by a specific sequence of Yin Yoga postures with the application of Reiki. Together they unblock, rebalance and stimulate deeply the emotions, organs, meridians, ailments and specific physical areas corresponding to each element (water, wood, fire, earth, metal).

The first session is all about fire and metal, in which your Heart & Small Intestine and your Lungs & Large Intestine get a boost. You will be doing Yin Yoga poses for the upper body in which you open the chest, release tension in the shoulders, increase the flexibility of the arms and hands and twist the torso and upper back. Leaving you feel more energetic, decisive and happy, with less hyperactivity and intolerance.

During the half an hour tea break you can relax and get ready for the second part.


The second session makes you connect deeply with the water, wood and earth elements. You will recharge your Kidneys & Urinary Bladder, prickle your Liver & Gall Bladder and stimulate your Stomach & Spleen functions. Doing Yin Yoga poses for the lower body in which you stretch the lateral side of the body, twist the torso to enhance the circulation and detoxify the organs, stimulate and open the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons and fascia) of your lower back, hips and legs (groins, hamstrings and quadriceps). Leaving you feel more calm in the mind, energized, self-confident and connected, with less toxins in your body.


* This workshop is ideal for anyone who seeks relaxation, introspection and a nice deep body stretch from head to toe. No prerequisites needed of Yoga or Reiki.

12.30 – 15.00: Upper body (fire: Heart & Small Intestine and metal: Lungs & Large Intestine)
15.00 – 15.30: Tea Break
15.30 – 18.00: Lower body (water: Kidneys & Urinary Bladder, wood: Liver & Gall Bladder, earth: Stomach & Spleen)