Workshop: Yin Yoga & Reiki and Chinese Medicine, Yoga Moves, Utrecht


23-05-2015 - 24-05-2015


10.00h-13.00h & 14.30h-17.30h


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Yin Yoga & Reiki 
Deep connection, gente touch 

With José de Haan - de Groot (Yoga) & Jordi Ibern (Reiki) 

Treat yourself on a full body stretch, a detoxification of your organs and a deep, personal experience with the union of Yin Yoga & Reiki.


The subtle energy of Yin Yoga and the healing power of Reiki is a mutually reinforcing cooperation of therapeutic work for the benefit of your physical, mental and emotional health.

In these workshops you will enhance your knowledge on the five element and yin-yang theories of the Chinese Medicine. Not through study but through personal experience during the Yin Yoga & Reiki sessions. The workshop consists out of four sessions which will all start with a short theoretical explanation of the elements, and their symptoms of harmony and disharmony. Then we continue with the practice which consists of a guided meditation to generate Reiki, followed by a specific sequence of Yin Yoga postures with the application of Reiki. To enjoy the deep energetic and emotional effects to the fullest you release everything in a well-deserved relaxation at the end. Yin yoga and Reiki together unblock, rebalance and stimulate deeply the emotions, organs, meridians, ailments and specific physical areas corresponding to each element (water, wood, fire, earth, metal).


The first session, Saturday, May 23rd (from 10.00h till 13.00h), is about the Wood element in which your Liver and Gallbladder are prickled. You will be doing Yin Yoga poses for the lateral part of your body, you will increase the rotation of your legs and open your hips in order to improve circulation and detoxify the organs. This workshop makes you active, decisive and courageous, with less irritation, frustration and toxins in the body.


The second session, Saturday, May 23rd (from 14.30h till 17.30h), is all about Fire and Metal elements, in which yours Heart & Small Intestine and your Lungs & Large Intestine get a boost. You will be doing Yin Yoga poses for the upper body in which you open the chest, release tension in the shoulders, increase the flexibility of the arms and hands and twist the torso and upper back. Leaving you feel more energetic, decisive and happy, with less hyperactivity and intolerance.

The third session, Sunday, May 24th (from 10.00h till 13.00h), connects you to the Earth element, in which your Stomach and Spleen is stimulated. You are going to practice Yin yoga poses for the front part of your body, in which you will stretch your thighs, twist your torso and stimulate your digestive system. Leaving you feel more grounded, happy and creative, with less worries and obsessions.

The fourth session, Sunday, May 24th (from 14.30 till 17.30), allows you to connect deeply with the Water element, in which you recharge your Kidneys & Urinary Bladder. You are undergoing a Yin yoga session that stimulates your whole back, opens up your hips and stretches your legs (groins and hamstrings). Leaving you feel bolder and more confident, with more peace and less toxins in your body.


This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to be healthier, who seeks relaxation, introspection and a nice deep body stretch from head to toe. No prerequisites needed of Yoga or Reiki.


Saturday 23rd of May: 10.00h – 13.00h 
Saturday 23rd of May: 14.30h – 17.30h
Sunday  24th of May: 10.00h – 13.00h
Sunday  24th of May: 14.30h – 17.30h