Yin Yoga

Relaxing in stillness.
Discover, explore and surrender.

Yin Yoga is a deep and meditative practice that enhances your awareness, allows you to feel more subtle energies and sensations and it teaches you to relax profoundly. It prepares the mind and body for long meditation sessions and stimulates the vital energy  (Chi) that flows through the fascia nurturing, balancing and healing your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Yin Yoga focuses on regaining and expanding the original range of motion of the connective tissues such as: fascia, ligaments, tendons and joints. Furthermore it recovers the natural curvature of the spine and extends the overall flexibility of the body.

Unlike the more dynamic styles of yoga (Yang Yoga) the goal of Yin Yoga is not to strengthen or engage the muscles but to relax them. In doing so, the deeper tissues of our body - connective tissue - can be targeted. As connective tissue is more rigid, it needs a different approach than the more elastic tissues (muscles) of our bodies. Connective tissue is safely stimulated, hydrated and strengthened, when continuous pressure for a longer period of time is applied. That is why in Yin Yoga you maintain a sitting or lying posture (asana) for at least 5 minutes or more, in which you seek to relax your muscles. As a result you will feel lighter, more flexible and experience an overal sense of wellbeing.

The practice consists of: breathing exercises (pranayama), various poses, relaxation and meditation.  


Yin and Yang Yoga are different styles but complement each other in reaching their common goal: to purify, balance and harmonize our bodies and mind. But most of all to enable us to tune in with our true nature so that the energy within and around us can flow freely.

It is essential to remember that no two bodies are alike, and that our needs vary from day to day. A key part of yoga practice is to develop awareness which helps you to observe your daily needs (mentally, emotionally and physically) so you can choose and adapt your yoga practice to them.
If your body, for example, is very stiff and rigid and you find it difficult to relax and surrender, you might want to practice more Yin and less Yang Yoga. The same counts of course for opposite situations.   

Yin Yoga has deep revitalizing, calming and liberating effects. It is suitable to those seeking relaxation, introspection and a nice deep body stretch from head to toe. Yin Yoga is a breath of fresh air in today's fast life with its numerous stimuli. Also very suitable for pregnant women.

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