Fertility yoga

Fertility Yoga   

José de Haan -de Groot, together with Martine Cornelissen, have developed a special form of Fertility Yoga, based on Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is a deeply relaxing style that consists mainly of floor poses in which you stimulate and restore the connective tissue.

This form of Yoga is particularly suitable for fertility problems, because it works on a deeper layer than muscle tissue, where toxins accumulate, and disruptions due to scarring and long-term stress adhere to it.

In the Fertility Yoga Classes and Workshops, we work particularly with poses that open your pelvis and ensure better circulation of your reproductive organs, as well as yoga postures that restore your hormonal balance.

Fertility Yoga helps you to improve your fertility and to prepare yourself optimally for a healthy pregnancy.


For whom?

Are you having trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant? Or do you want to prepare optimally for an upcoming IVF/ICSI treatment? Then these lessons and workshops are meant for you!


How to sign up:

Would you like to sign up for the Fertility Yoga Classes and/or Workshops?

Then contact Martine Cornelissen:

Mail: [email protected]

mobile: 0031-645 202 872


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