Power Yoga

Powerful, energetic, revitalizing.

Power Yoga is a dynamic and intense style, which focuses on promoting strength and flexibility in the legs, abdomen, back and shoulders. Through a dynamic sequence consisting of various poses (asanas) combined with the breathing technique Ujjayi (pranayama) internal heat is created, which results in detoxification of the body.

A class begins with a warming-up followed by standing poses, in which you work on a solid foundation, balancing poses, in which your concentration and equanimity increases, sitting poses, forward- and backbends, twists, inversions and ends with a relaxation and short meditation.

In Power Yoga you train all muscles of the body. The effects are apparent immediately:  you will feel fitter, more energetic, stronger, more flexible and at the same time calm, peaceful and clear in your mind.

* Suitable for all ages, body types and levels. From total beginners to more advanced Yogis.

* See class schedule for the times.