Yin Reiki

Yin Yoga & Reiki

Undergo a true transformation during the Yin Yoga & Reiki workshops or retreats, in which Jordi Ibern and José de Haan - de Groot use the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the associated organs, meridians and emotions.

The deep energetic, emotional and physical healing effects of Yin Yoga fit perfectly with the gentle therapy of Reiki.

During the specific Yin Yoga & Reiki sessions, José guides you into Yin yoga postures. Once in the pose, Jordi and José apply Reiki. The vital energy transmitted through the hands of Jordi & José, and the effects of the yin yoga poses together restore and support the energetic, emotional and physical balance and flexibility of your body, mind and soul. Suppressed emotions are released, the flexibility of your body is increased and you get more insight into your whole being. All this is done with loving guidance and attention from Jordi and José, who combined Yin Yoga & Reiki for the first time in 2007 in Barcelona.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is an intense and meditative yoga style consisting mainly outof floor postures that stimulate, restore and improve the original range of movement of the deeper tissues (fascia, ligaments, tendons and joints) and the energetic flow (Chi). Because physical and emotional stagnations are released, Yin Yoga has a huge positive influence on your mind.

Reiki is a method for personal growth and spiritual satisfaction that is known worldwide to stimulate your body's ability to recover.

* Suitable for all ages, body types and levels. It is not necessary to have practiced Yoga before or be initiated in Reiki.

* Check out the agenda for Yin Yoga & Reiki workshops and retreats.