Retreat: Yin Yoga & Reiki and Chinese Medicine, Gaiá, (Barcelona, Spain)


20-09-2019 - 27-09-2019


Early bird, registration and payment before May 1st 2019: €860

Registration and payment after May 1st 2019: €948


* Shared rooms (2 or 3 people) with bathroom.

* The price includes accommodation, workshops, activities and full board.

* The price doesn’t include: travel / flight.

*  If you haven’t done Reiki course 1, you can follow the course with Jordi in the Netherlands or in Spain previous to the retreat. Please contact Jordi Ibern for more information ([email protected]).



Information and

Full payment is required to ensure your place. 

Registration is confirmed when the corresponding transfer is complete in the following account number: Bank name: BBVA
Bank account number: 0182 7058 45 0202394222
IBAN: ES25 0182 7058 45 0202394222
Address: Marina Street, 82 Barcelona, Spain
To : Jordi Ibern Novell


* It is very important to indicate your namesurname and summer retreat 2019 in the concept space. Once the reservation is made, then please send an e-mail with your name and phone number. 
Mail[email protected] (Jordi)


* If you want to share cars, please mention this in your email.

Do you come from abroad? 
Then book a flight to Barcelona or Girona that arrives before 12am on September 20th 2019.

Yin Yoga & Reiki Retreat                                                               
with José de Haan – de Groot & Jordi Ibern

During 8 days reconnect with yourself, increase your health and disconnect completely from everyday life with the gentle touch of Reiki and the specific Yin Yoga poses in the beautiful nature close to Barcelona.

Due to the success of last year’s summer retreat, we offer in addition to the usual Yin Yoga & Reiki workshops, some extra innovations to deepen and enjoy these precious spiritual practices even more.

-  Five specific Yin Yoga & Reiki workshops

-  Daily silent meditation

-  Every morning Yang Yoga (dynamic)
-  Reiki 2 complete course

-  Reiki and Yoga Philosophy

-  Workshops in which you’ll learn to make personalized adjustments for each Yoga pose beneficial for your body

-  Vegetarian organic food

-  Time to rest, reflect and enjoy

-  Our personal support and attention if required


The Retreat:

Relaxing and enjoying eight days in the beautiful Catalan countryside where the eighteenth century farmhouse Cal Visó is located. Only one hour from Barcelona, Girona and Andorra. You will be isolated from the constant noise of the city and you will breathe the fresh air of nature.

During these days you will practice meditation in silence as the day dawns, followed by a Yang Yoga practice (Vinyasa) which will wake up your body and soul. In the afternoons you will experience a profound transformation during the five Yin Yoga & Reiki workshops lasting for two hours. In each session you will focus on one element of the Traditional Chinese Medicine system and will stimulate and liberate the related organs, meridians and emotions.

Each session is especially designed to affect the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a human being. The Yin Yoga poses, combined with the gentle touch of Reiki, allow you to release deep tensions, make you reconnect with yourself and feel reborn at the end.   

To deepen your Reiki practice, you will learn Reiki Level 2. During this course you will discover Reiki symbols to deepen the practice even more and new techniques to apply Reiki: distance Reiki, Reiki to treat bad habits and addictions, Reiki and meditation to clean the energetic ambience, Reiki to work with the past, etc. We will practice byosen – hand sensations while applying Reiki- and you will receive a booklet with all the information and a diploma. The Reiki 2 course is suitable for those who have already completed the Reiki 1 course and wish to continue deepening their practice and their spiritual path.

Furthermore you will be taught in the Yoga workshops to adjust each Yoga pose according to your physical needs. This will give you tools to create and adapt your personal Yoga practice at home. Being a retreat with very limited places, these workshops will be highly individualized.


We believe everything we offer has to have the same values ​​that we try to convey; therefore you'll enjoy a vegetarian menu made of local and organic ingredients with options to include fish and seafood.


The program is designed to ensure that besides the activities and workshops there is enough free time for you to enjoy the wonderful surroundings or to enjoy the infinity swimming pool or walk in the forest.

Would you like to receive the complete program?
Then please send an email to [email protected].

Yin Yoga
is a specific Yoga practice which stimulates, restores and extends the scope of the original motion of the deeper tissues of the body, ligaments, tendons and joints. Through the deeper tissues you stimulate the Chi flow all over your body and beyond, which leaves you completely nurtured. Yin yoga is effective, intense and meditative, but first of all and above all, it's therapeutic. Its results, among which a profound positive effect on the mind and a release of emotional stagnation, last usually for a long time.



Reiki is a Japanese technique where vital energy is applied through the hands of a Reiki therapist.
It is a simple and natural method that improves health, relaxes and deepens the spiritual practice. Although it is known worldwide for its ability to stimulate the healing ability of the body; personal fulfilment and spiritual satisfaction remains the heart of this practice. During the Reiki Level 2 Course you will discover Reiki symbols to deepen your practice, and new Reiki techniques: distance Reiki, Reiki to treat bad habits and addictions, Reiki and meditation to clean the energetic ambience, Reiki to work with the past, etc.


Yin Yoga & Reiki combined
This combination was created in 2007 in Barcelona; the deep emotional and physical healing effects of Yin Yoga fit perfectly with the soft therapy that Reiki offers. During the five specific workshops you will work on different physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Using the 5-element theory of the Chinese Medicine as a base, you will establish in these sessions the balance and flexibility that your body, mind and soul needs; all done with the same affection and attention we always try to give in our classes.


For whom?
* The retreat is open to everyone. It is not necessary to have practiced Yoga before, but it is necesary to have done Reiki course 1 prior to the retreat. 

*  If you haven’t done Reiki course 1, you can follow the course in the Netherlands or in Spain previous to the retreat. Please contact Jordi Ibern for more information ([email protected]).

* The classes are taught in English and Spanish. We also speak Catalan and Dutch.

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