Retreat: Yin Yoga & Reiki and Chinese Medicine, Montseny


16-08-2010 - 20-08-2010


The price included: workshops, all activities, accommodation and full board.


Spanish and English

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Immersed in the beautiful weather, the cozy 16th century mansion ´Fontdellops´ and the peaceful woods of Montseny, we were able to reconnect with ourselves.

In the morning we enjoyed a meditation in an open tent, while the sun was slowly rising and the birds awoke. Then we refreshed and energized ourselves with a dynamic yoga session taught by Jose. After that we indulged ourselves with a delicious, fresh and vegetarian breakfast. During the free time everyone could do whatever they wanted: hiking, reading, daydreaming, etc. The real therapeutic work started with the Yin Yoga and Reiki sessions. Harmonizing our emotions with Reiki and balancing our energy with Yin Yoga, resulted for most of us in a true transformation.

In the afternoon we were again surprised by the cooking skills of Elena Torres, who had prepared a wonderful vegetarian lunch of ecological products. After lunch you could relax at the pool or go for a walk in the woods, before starting with another Yin Yoga & Reiki session or to exchange Reiki with each other. In the evening we had a light dinner and then gathered around the fireplace where Jordi would guide a meditation.

All in all, the great atmosphere of the group, the individual made progresses and the idyllic setting, have completely outclassed my and Jordi´s  expectations.

* The retreat was open to everyone. It was not necessary to have practiced Yoga before or to be initiated into Reiki.
• Yoga with: Jose de Groot 
• Reiki with: Jordi Ibern
• Cooking from: Elena Torres

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