Retreat: Yin Yoga & Reiki and Chinese Medicine, Spanish Pyrenees


21-04-2011 - 24-04-2011


Price included: workshops, all activities, accommodation and full board.


Spanish and English

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Yin Yoga & Reiki 
Deep connection, Gentle touch 

During this year´s rainy Easter weekend we again increased our vitality with the gentle touch of Reiki, improved our health with specific Yin Yoga poses and balanced our mind and emotions.

In the beautiful green wooded area of Arcadia we could enjoy in peace the meditation sessions, Yin Yoga & Reiki sessions, Californian massages and the delicious vegetarian food with a Mediterranean touch.

Unfortunately, due to the bad weather, it was not possible to take long walks in the mountains, but that did not spoil the fun. We had plenty of other options: taking a sauna, chatting around the fireplace, reading a book, receiving a Californian massage or taking a nap.

During each of five Yin Yoga & Reiki sessions we focussed on one element of the Traditional Chinese Medicine system and its related organs, meridians and emotions. As a result of the deep connection we each made with ourselves in the Yin Yoga poses, combined with the gentle touch of Reiki, we all could release stored-up emotions and physical tensions and ended each session with a smile on our faces. 

We arrived as a group with a variety of people, but we united during the somewhat short rainy Easter weekend and left shining.

* The retreat was open to everyone. It was not necessary to have practiced Yoga before or to be initiated into Reiki.

• Yoga with: Jose de Groot 
• Reiki with: Jordi Ibern
• Californian massage from: Xavi Gil

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