Retreat: Yin Yoga & Reiki and Chinese Medicine, Spanish Pyrenees


17-04-2014 - 20-04-2014


For students who have attended previous retreats with us: 450€
Early bird:
 inscription & reservation payment before 10th of March 2014: 470€
Complete retreat: inscription & reservation payment after 10th of March 2014: 490€ 
Reservation payment: 100 €

* Rooms are shared (3 or 4 people) as well as the bathrooms.
* A private room has a supplement, please ask for more information.

* The price includes: accommodation, workshops, all activities and full board.
* The price excludes: transport/flight. 


Spanish and English

Information and

Jose de Groot
+31 652 031 556   
[email protected]  


Jordi Ibern 
+34 692 046 404
[email protected]  

* Please contact us for more information on the program.

Yin Yoga & Reiki 
Deep connection, Gentle touch 

With José de Groot & Jordi Ibern

Enjoy reconnecting with yourself, increasing your health and disconnecting completely from everyday life with the gentle touch of Reiki and the specific Yin Yoga poses in the green wooded area of Arcadia, one hour drive from Barcelona.

Experience a profound transformation during the five Yin Yoga & Reiki workshops. In each session we will focus on one element of the Traditional Chinese Medicine system in which you will stimulate and liberate the related organs, meridians and emotions. The Yin Yoga poses, combined with the gentle touch of Reiki, allow you to release deep tensions, make you reconnect with yourself and feel reborn at the end. In addition to the five workshops you are practicing Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga in the morning increasing your vitality and you will share Reiki with the other participants. Discover your being in practicing noble silence, meditation and mindful listening and speaking.


Relax in the beautiful green wooded surroundings of Arcadia located near Valencia. The perfect place to meditate, to let go of stress, to take a swim in the swimmingpool, to enjoy the sauna, to read a book or to take a nice walk. Arcadia is a beautiful place where you can take care of yourself, enjoy the freshness of spring time and recharge your vitality with the delicious homemade vegetarian meals with a Mediterranean touch.  A gift for those  who want to let go of the stress of everyday life.


* Yin Yoga is a deep practice consisting of mainly floor poses in which you stimulate, restore and expand the original range of movement of the connective tissues.

* Reiki is a Japanese technique where vital energy is applied through the hands of a Reiki therapist.

* Yin Yoga & Reiki together restore the balance of the body, mind and spirit, release emotions and expand the body’s flexibility.

* The retreat is open to everyone. It is not necessary to have practiced Yoga before or to be initiated into Reiki.
* The classes are taught in English and Spanish. We also speak Catalan and Dutch.

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