Retreat: Yin Yoga & Reiki and Chinese Medicine, Valencia


03-08-2011 - 07-08-2011


* The price included: accommodation, workshops, all activities and full board.
* The price excluded: transport/flight. 


English and Spanish

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Jose de Groot
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Jordi Ibern 
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* Please contact us for more information on the program.

Yin Yoga & Reiki
Deep connection, Gentle touch

Increase your vitality with the gentle touch of Reiki, improve your health with specific Yin Yoga poses and empty your mind at the Spanish Mediterranean Sea!

At this retreat you will experience a true transformation during the five Yin Yoga & Reiki sessions. In each session we will focus on one element of the Traditional Chinese Medicine system in which you will stimulate and liberate the related organs, meridians and emotions. The Yin Yoga poses, combined with the gentle touch of Reiki, allow you to release deep tensions, make you reconnect with yourself and feel reborn at the end.

Relax in the beautiful wooden houses of Mon Intern located by the sea near the village Vinarós (C. Valencia). The perfect place to meditate, to let go of stress, to take a swim in the sea, to sunbathe, to read a book or to take a nice walk.

Also enjoy the superb vegetarian food with a Mediterranean touch.

* Yin Yoga is a deep practice consisting of mainly floor poses in which you stimulate, restore and expand the original range of movement of the connective tissues.
* Reiki is a Japanese technique where vital energy is applied through the hands of a Reiki therapist.
* Yin Yoga & Reiki together restore the balance of the body, mind and spirit, release emotions and expand the body’s flexibility.

* The retreat is open to everyone. It is not necessary to have practiced Yoga before or to be initiated into Reiki. 

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