Retreat: Yoga and art, Kannon Gyo Barcelona


02-08-2009 - 14-08-2009




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"Small flower, if you could understand what you are, from root to everything around us, you would know what God and man are."

For the first time in Barcelona, Amelia Melo (owner of Kannon Gyo) organized in collaboration with José a yoga and art retreat in the heart of this beautiful Mediterranean city.

We started each day with a dynamic Yoga session (a mix of Hatha, Vini and Vinyasa Yoga) on the beach taught by Jose. Sweating in the early morning then taking a refreshing dip in the sea and indulging ourselves in a healthy breakfast.

During the day was a diverse program offered in Kannon Gyo, a beautiful and inspiring place. The program consisted of: Zen Meditation, Yin Yoga with Jose, Reiki, Creative dance, Sumi-e, Chado "the path of tea "and more.

They were two wonderful and rewarding weeks in which you could open up, create, expand, liberate, harmonize and share. In short it was a chance to deepen, discover and celebrate the path of your life.

• Yoga with: Jose de Groot
• Special location of owner Amelia Melo: Kannon Gyo

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