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Jasmijn Koelink – trained as a social and organizational psychologist – is a Yoga Alliance® recognized yoga teacher.

Her teaching style is suitable for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners, as Jasmijn integrates different options and individual guidance in her sessions. Her classes are breath-oriented, intense and at the same time grounding. She has been teaching weekly classes, workshops, retreats and yoga teacher training courses for years. She offers online sessions. You can take advantage of her guidance at any moment and at any time. You can start right away at

In addition, Jasmijn is a certified facilitator of The Work© by Byron Katie.

Yoga & The Work

“I was introduced to The Work in 2014 after what feels like a lifetime of struggling with thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not interesting enough’ or ‘They don’t understand me‘. I was always worried about what others thought of me, how they perceived me. And by doing The Work, maybe for the first time in my life, help me realize how much these thoughts exhausted me. I experience The Work as a yoga practice for my mind. I notice the tendencies of my mind and how they keep me small and trapped in old thought patterns and defense mechanisms. When I question my stressful thoughts, my body follows and releases stress. For me this is the way I bring yoga off the mat into my daily life – which I experience more and more as friendlier, more alive, and freer.

I was already teaching yoga workshops, retreats and teacher trainings, and The Work feels like the missing link for me. A flexible mind in a flexible body. Because through yoga I recognized stress in my body and The Work taught me that there is always a specific thought that causes stress. So that they related to each other.

The combination of these two practices fascinates and inspires me – and I am happy to share that with you.

Jasmijn Koelink

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