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José de Groot offers functional Yin and Yang yoga online and in person. Come home to your body and experience saftey and a regulated nervous system.

Experimenta y Descubre

La imagen perfecta, la forma o la manera de vivir perfectas no existen. Prueba mi gratuito Reto de Posturas de Yin Yoga por 21 días y aprende a practicar Yoga de manera FUNcional potenciando tu cuerpo y tu mente.

¿Estás preparado para confiar plenamente en tu cuerpo?

Mi misión es educarte e inspirarte para que utilices tu cuerpo como puerta de entrada para abrirte y explorar tu naturaleza única: cuerpo, mente y espíritu. Para que todos podamos estar en nuestro poder, llenos de confianza, y movernos libremente en nuestra vida diaria. 

 Al meterte en una exploración de tu propio cuerpo y mundo interior, aprenderás a HONRAR tu cuerpo adaptando la práctica de yoga para que te sirva. No estás aquí para servir a la postura. La imagen, la forma o la manera de vivir perfectas no existen. Tu brillarás más cuando estés conectado con tu verdadero yo.


Eres perfecto tal y como eres.

 Yin Yoga Coaching & Training for Curious Yoga Practitioners and Teachers 

Explore The Yin Way

"I have learned to look at yin yoga in a functional way and let go of the aesthetic approach. I learned that everybody is different and we all need something else!"

Lisa Vermeulen

Jose de Groot - Ygoatreat

Hi! My name is José

I am a Yin Yoga teacher and an empowering yoga coach. I embody, embrace and integrate the Functional Holistic Approach to yoga into all my teachings, my own practice and life.

Both Yin yoga and the functional holistic approach fuel my wish for everyone; that you can embrace all that You are, through practicing yoga and living from Your Experience and in Your Way!

In practising yoga with an open mindset, you start honouring and respecting the infinite varieties in human anatomy, physiology and psychology. When we accept we are all different in this earthly manifestation – but in essence all the same -, we stop comparing, we don’t feed our ego nor create unrealistic expectations. Consequently, we create more peace, freedom and joy for ourselves, others and the world.

I feel it is my mission to bring that liberation and empowerment into your yoga practice and (hopefully) into your life.


In my Yin yoga classes, retreats and training programs, you can learn how to adapt your yoga practice or someone else’s to their body, needs and capacities. By adopting a Functional Approach to yoga combined with the study and practical application of Yoga Anatomy, Chinese Elemental & Meridian Theory and Yin Yoga Philosophy & Practices, you can make it possible for everyone to practice Yin yoga in a beneficial and injury-free way!


Yin Yoga Classes, Workshops & Training Programs

Yin Yoga Classes on Zoom with José de Groot from Yogatreat

Welcome to my recorded Yin Yoga Classes, where we celebrate uniqueness, let go of rigid aesthetics, and embrace the functional approach tailored to each individual.

Live Class Recordings

Online yoga programs with José de groot from Yogatreat

Deepen your own Yin yoga practice, promote your personal growth, or begin on the path of becoming a confident, competent, and compassionate Yin Yoga teacher.

Online Yin Yoga Training Programs

Yin Yoga & Reiki with josé de groot and Jordi Ibern - Yogatreat

Discover the transformative power of Yin Yoga and Reiki with our online workshops. 

Yin Yoga & Reiki

Ready to bring more Yin into your life?

Create a personalised, beneficial and safe Yin yoga practice.

Evolve into a confident, competent, compassionate Yin yoga teacher.


Experience deep connection, peace and physical ease.

Cultivate greater understanding and respect for your uniqueness. 

Nurture acceptance, compassion and gratitude for your body, yourself and others.


Break free from external validation, box-thinking and the illusive pursuit of the 'perfect pose’.


Become more conscious, less reactive and better at letting go. 

Feel nourished, free and peaceful in mind, body and spirit.  

¿Estás preparado para confiar plenamente en tu cuerpo?

Let me inspire you to bring peace, liberation & empowerment into your Yin yoga practice & your life. Cultivate a personalised, nourishing and safe yoga practice for yourself or others.

¡Gracias por enviar!

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