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Online Yin Yoga
Teacher Training

Year 2025 - Dates To Be Announced | 200 Hours  | Yoga Alliance Certified


Facilitated by José de Groot

In all of my Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings, I carefully cultivate an open-minded and exploratory approach. I support you in becoming a self-confident yogi and a curious teacher, who shares and practices yoga from a playful mindset and in a personal, safe and inspiring way with depth and lightheartedness.

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Next Training: 2025

The next training will be in 2025. Register your interest and you will be the FIRST to know when we are accepting applications again. 

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Your Inner Journey Becomes Your Wisdom To Share

This ONLINE Yin Yoga, Anatomy & Meridians Teacher Training combines online learning, interactive online support, study groups and LIVE ON ZOOM adjustment & teaching practice sessions, making this training available to you no matter where you are.


This training invites you to personalise your Yin Yoga practice by diving into an exploration of your own body and inner world. Apply your own understanding of the key aspects of this training (Functional approach, Yin yoga philosophy, Meridian theory and Elemental theory, human anatomy and asana) and translate it into a compassionate, liberating and safe practice for yourself and others. You’ll learn to empower your students to discover and trust their own bodies and adapt the practice to suit them.

"This training truly deepened my understanding of anatomy, the art of adaptation, and delving into Yin Yoga's energetic realms. It's like returning home. The year-long 'slow-paced' journey allows for profound integration. The balance between self-study and online sessions strikes the perfect chord. I really appreciated your unique blend of support and challenge that created a nurturing space for growth. Your adaptability throughout the journey is a treasure. In essence, this training enriched my understanding of yoga, anatomy, and self."


The Training At A Glance

80 hours of

Online Learning

Access 80 hours of pre-recorded lectures and classes. Includes a 50-hour module on Yin & Anatomy plus a 30-hour module on Yin & Meridians.

Essential Adjustment

& Teaching Sessions

We will gather together as a group online for adjustment practice of the poses of the upper and lower body.

We will also gather to practice teaching.

Live Online Sessions

& Group Mentoring

Feel even more connected with the group with ‘check-in’ zoom sessions. PLUS get more personalised attention with intimate mentoring sessions within smaller study groups. 

Monthly Live

Yin Yoga Classes

Join José every month for a 90-minute Yin Yoga Practice. Participation is mandatory either live or via recording. 

Quizzes, Homework

& Exams

Access José’s e-learning platform to find and submit all of your homework, complete quizzes and complete your exams.

Join Our Waiting List
Next Training: 2025

The next training will be in 2025. Register your interest and you will be the FIRST to know when we are accepting applications again. 

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Are You Ready To Explore Your Uniqueness? 

This ONLINE Yin Yoga Anatomy & Meridians Teacher Training allows you to explore your own body and inner world. connect with your heart and inner wisdom, dissolve blockages and trigger transformation. Discover your qualities, pitfalls and challenges in practising and teaching yin yoga, and get to know yourself better.


“Knowledge is power. Knowledge of yourself is self-empowerment.“

–  Joe Dispenza

During this training, YOU will be the focus of attention. Whether you want to deepen and personalize your own yoga practice, promote your personal growth, or begin on the path of becoming a Yin Yoga teacher, you are in the right place. 


A functional approach to yoga will open your mind to endless possibilities

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Become An Inspiring & Compassionate
Yin Yoga Teacher

The functional, open-minded and exploratory approach that José adopts in this training, will support you in becoming a self-confident yogi and a compassionate teacher. One who shares and practices yoga in a competent and liberating way; honouring and respecting different bodies, possibilities and needs of oneself and others.

This liberating and empowering approach cultivates Compassion and allows you to embrace all that You are, through practising yoga from Your Experience and in Your Way.

By accepting that we are all different you will stop comparing yourself with others. You won’t feed your ego nor create unrealistic expectations. This helps to create more peace, freedom and joy for yourself, others and the world.    

It is my goal that after this ONLINE Teacher Training you will be able to:

Practice and Teach Personalised Safe Yoga

By translating your understanding of the Functional approach to yoga combined with Yin yoga philosophy, Meridian stimulation & theory, Human anatomy, Meditation, Pranayama and Asana, you can offer yoga classes suitable for everyone, regardless of age, experience and flexibility.

Be Open and Empathetic to all Possibilities

You will come to understand that ‘one alignment for all’ does not work and learn to recognise and honour the infinite varieties in bodies, minds and possibilities.

Connect and Relate to Others in your Classes

With compassion and self-confidence, gained by personal work and energetic insights and awareness.

Maintain a Practice of Self-Growth and Transformation

Grow, transform and nourish yourself independently with the knowledge and tools gained in this training. From that authentic basis you can then inspire your students to do their ‘inner work’ within their yoga practice as well.

What You'll Learn


Analyse and practice the upper and lower body Yin yoga poses and discover their nourishing effects. Explore modifications and alternatives for Yin Yoga poses and learn how to practice, sequence and teach them functionally. This means being guided by the experience of the asana (what works for you) and not by the aesthetic performance (how the pose should look like). Discover how Yin Yoga poses can stimulate meridians and encourage healthy Chi flow, using Elemental and Meridian Theory as a foundation to support and enhance overall well-being.

Adjusting In A Personalised Way

Learn to give personal adjustments and how to effectively use props in Yin Yoga poses in an online and/or in-person setting. You will be able to inspire students to experiment and play around with their bodies in order to get the benefits of the asanas. Additionally, you can encourage your students to open and strengthen themselves in a beneficial way without causing unnecessary pain or injuries.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Through meditation and mindfulness learn to be present and in the moment, to observe without action or react from a nonjudgmental state of mind. Mastering the art of being present enables you to connect with your students in the moment and to create a compassionate atmosphere in your in-person and/or online yoga classes so your students feel safe enough to open up to whatever arises.

Anatomy & Eastern Philosophies

The foundation of this ONLINE training is the functional and holistic approach in which Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy and Eastern Health theories are combined. Learn about the variations in human anatomy and physiology (bones, joints, muscle groups, fascia, organs) and the concepts of target areas, tensions versus compression and functional yoga. Explore the principles of Eastern philosophies on health and life (Yoga Sutras, Taoism, Meridian Stimulation & Theory, Chi, 5 Element Theory). Practicing and teaching yoga using this functional and holistic approach will help initiate profound physical, emotional, and mental shifts in yourself and your students.

Pranayama & Orbiting Energy Techniques

Pranayama and Orbiting Energy practices support and enhance the effects of a Yin Yoga practice.Learn how to practice and guide various pranayama and orbiting energies techniques. Mastering these practices helps you to release blockages and break through patterns.

Personal Growth

The functional approach (what works for you) used in this ONLINE training is liberating and empowering; it allows you to be who you are without excuses or unrealistic expectations. You will develop the ability to accept everything as it is and to be compassionate to yourself and others. This can be applied to everything you do and creates an open mindset to endless possibilities. Throughout the training you will become aware of your personal qualities, pitfalls and challenges and how that affects your behavior. This awareness can motivate you to change and grow.

Join Our Waiting List
Next Training: 2025

The next training will be in 2025. Register your interest and you will be the FIRST to know when we are accepting applications again. 


Develop a liberating yoga practice that works for yourself and others, regardless of age, experience and flexibility!


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Dates for 2025 still have to be confirmed.
Download the full brochure to learn more about this training including:


Online Modules
Live interactive Zoom sessions, E-learning platform and Ekhart Academy online Learning




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