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Yin Yoga
Training Programs

Exploratory & Holistic Approach

In all of my Yin Yoga Teacher Training programs, I carefully cultivate an open-minded and exploratory approach. I support you in becoming a self-confident yogi and a curious teacher, who shares and practices yoga from a playful mindset and in a personal, safe and inspiring way with depth and lightheartedness. It is my goal that after a training with me you will have:


The ability to translate your understanding of the Yin yoga philosophy, Meridian theory, Functional anatomy, Meditation, Pranayama and Asana into a personalised and safe practice for yourself and others.

The energetic awareness you gain helps you to connect to who you truly are and to relate to your yoga class and groups in general in your unique and self-confident way.

The tools you gain to explore yourself and to inspire your students to grow through yoga by facing their ‘inner work’.


Are you ready to become an inspiring and empowering teacher? 

Available Online Training Programs


Dates To Be Confirmed | 200 hours | Yoga Alliance Certified

This 200-hour online training combines online learning, interactive online support, study groups and more, making this training available to you no matter where you are.


Deepen your Yoga Practice with insights into FUNctional anatomy

  • FUNctional Anatomy: skeletal movement & bones, muscles groups of the trunk, upper leg, upper arm & shoulders

  • Meridian & Elemental Theory

  • FUNctional practice & teaching

  • Pranayama & Meditation

  • Personal growth practices

  • Basic principles of Yoga Sutras & Taoism

  •  Analysis and functional adjusting of 35 Yin Yoga poses


Self Paced | 30 hours | CEU’s with Yoga Alliance

Learn the energetic aspects of Yin Yoga and initiate profound physical, emotional and mental shifts in you and your students. This online training is available anytime through the Ekhart Yoga Academy and it gives you unlimited access to this 30-hour training. You also get a one-to-one session with me included in the package. This course also is eligible for 30 CEU’s with Yoga Alliance. It’s a ‘self-study’ format so you can go through the content at your own pace.


Self Paced | 50 hours | CEU’s with Yoga Alliance

A practical and in-depth course to deepen your understanding of Yin yoga and anatomy, and to get a solid foundation for teaching Yin yoga classes. Study at your own pace. Anywhere. Anytime.This online training is available through the Ekhart Yoga Academy and it gives you unlimited access to this 50 hour training.

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Adapting Yin and Yang Yoga Poses in a Functional Way

Self Paced | 14 hours | CEU’s with Yoga Alliance

Learn how to functionally adapt and adjust commonly practised asanas in Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa classes, to overcome limitations and avoid injury. In this course we will examine the function of commonly challenging Yin and Yang asanas, and explore multiple variations suitable for different body types to find the ones that will be beneficial for you and your students. Analysing different joint and body areas, from the neck to the lower back, the wrists, ankles, pelvis, arms and thighs, José highlights various limitations and explains how to work around these for a pain and injury-free practice.


Eigen Ritme | 50 uur | CEU's met Yoga Alliance

Yin yogadocent worden of je persoonlijke yin practice verdiepen? Dat kan met deze unieke online pre-teacher training. In 9 weken leer je wat diverse Yin houdingen voor je doen en hoe je die kunt aanpassen naar je lichaam of dat van een ander. De eerste stap naar teacher is gezet!


Online | April 7th | Zoom

Heb je de online Yin Yoga Pre-teacher training van Yoga by Happinez afgerond en heb je de twee essays van je persoonlijke beoefening af?
Kom dan naar deze online dag waarin je les krijgt van José, feedback ontvangt op je essays, vragen kunt stellen en je gaat oefenen met het aanpassen van houdingen. 

José is a passionate and compassionate teacher who has an amazing wealth of knowledge and skills to deliver teacher training. The course was everything i thought it would be and more and I feel so blessed to have been part of it. Would highly recommend the school to anyone considering teacher training

Emma Bain

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