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Yin Yoga & Reiki

With José de Groot & Jordi Ibern

The Yin Yoga & Reiki combination was created in 2007 in Barcelona by José de Groot and Jordi Ibern. The deep emotional and physical healing effects of Yin Yoga fit perfectly with the calmness that Reiki offers. We have witnessed the harmonious synergy between Yin Yoga and Reiki. Grounded in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s elemental energies, these practices intertwine to create a deeply nourishing experience for your body, heart, and soul. Yin Yoga’s profound poses and Reiki’s gentle touch complement one another, enhancing their individual benefits and deepening your journey towards holistic well-being

Recorded Online Zoom Workshops

We have three unique and truly beneficial recorded Online Zoom Yin Yoga & Reiki Workshops on offer that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. 

Deepen Your Yin Yoga & Reiki Practice

3-part series providing a profound immersive experience. 


5 Element Workshops

A 5-part series designed to balance and heal body, mind and soul.

Chakra Workshops

A 7-part Chakra series offering you a complete spiritual and healing experience 

Yin Yoga & Reiki Masterclass: Opening Up Your Essence

A 2-hour masterclass where we delve deep into the spiritual realm with Yin Yoga & Reiki. 

Recorded Online Zoom Workshops

Deepen Your Yin Yoga & Reiki Practice

This 3-part series is designed to provide a profound and immersive experience, these workshops combine the ancient practices of Yin Yoga and Reiki to deepen your meditation practice, promote healing, and cultivate compassion.


Workshop 1: Yin Yoga & Reiki – MEDITATION


In this workshop, we delve into the essence of meditation and how Yin Yoga and Reiki can support your practice. Release the misconception that meditation requires sitting for long periods with a still mind and painless body. Instead, explore the effect of holding Yin Yoga poses for 5 to 10 minutes in stillness, observing your breath, body sensations, and thoughts without reacting nor identifying with whatever arises. These shorter periods are a great preparation for the body and mind to get used to sitting still and not reacting, just observing. Additionally experience the calming and relaxing effects of Reiki on the energy flow, facilitating you to enter a state of presence and meditation. Regular practice of meditation cultivates qualities that positively impact various aspects of your life, including relationships, health, creativity, patience, and joy.


Workshop 2: Yin Yoga & Reiki – Healing

Discover the profound healing benefits of combining Yin Yoga and Reiki. Through Yin Yoga, learn the art of self-compassion as you embrace the present moment within each pose, accepting the both pleasant and unpleasant physical sensations and emotions that arise. Explore how Reiki energy connects you to old tensions and pains, offering a compassionate release without resistance. As you deepen your practice, witness how compassion extends towards yourself and others, fostering kindness and empathy. Experience the transformative power of Yin Yoga and Reiki as you cultivate a greater sense of well-being and navigate your spiritual path with grace.


Workshop 3: Yin Yoga & Reiki – COMPASSION


Compassion lies at the heart of happiness, meditation, and spiritual growth. Through the synergy of Yin Yoga and Reiki, discover how these practices nurture compassion within yourself and towards others. In Yin Yoga, as you find stillness in poses for extended periods, you learn to navigate the spectrum of sensations with self-compassion and adaptability. Experience the gentle touch of Reiki energy as it facilitates the release of deep-seated tensions and fosters compassion. Together, let us cultivate a world infused with kindness and compassion, beginning with our individual practices.

These workshops were recorded live via Zoom with a group of participants, and the benefits of following the recordings are just as profound.

Find a dedicated space for your practice, ensuring you have enough room to move comfortably. If possible, have a free wall nearby and gather props such as a mat, bolster or pillow, blocks (or books as alternatives), and a blanket. Our recorded workshops offer you lifetime access, allowing you to immerse yourself in the teachings and revisit the sessions at your own pace.

Recorded Online Zoom Workshops

5 Element Workshops

Expereince deep emotional and physical healing with these 5 Yin Yoga & Reiki workshops based on the Meridian & Five Elemental Theory and Philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Each workshop combines Yin Yoga and Reiki to help release deep tensions, offering a complete spiritual and therapeutic experience. Each recording focuses on a specific elemental energy – water, wood, fire, earth, metal – and their related meridians.

It includes an introduction to the elemental energy and meridian pathways, followed by meditation, guided Reiki self-treatment, and Yin Yoga asanas combined with Reiki to harmonize the flow of Chi; the pure, universal energy in the body.

Each workshop ends with a well-deserved long shavasana and Reiki.

Do all 5 recorded Yin Yoga & Reiki workshops and experience a profound positive effect on your mind and release of emotional and physical stagnation.

Recorded Online Zoom Workshops

Chakra Workshops

Experience a powerful spiritual and healing journey as we work on the seven chakra system using the transformational combination of Yin Yoga & Reiki.

In each workshop you’ll learn about each chakra and then deepen your investigation and self-inquiry with a silent meditation, guided Reiki self-treatment and Yin Yoga asanas (postures) together with Reiki to end with a well-deserved long shavasana (relaxation) with Reiki (energy healing).

Dive Deep Into The Essence

What To Expect

Each of the seven workshops offered is unique.  The seven workshops complete the seven chakras system and will offer you a complete spiritual and healing experience. Always with Yin Yoga & Reiki as the core of the practice, each workshop is focused on a specific Chakra: Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara; reaching the heart of it and expanding our awareness.


Each workshop consists of:


Introduction to the Chakra

Meditation and guided Reiki self-treatment

Yin Yoga practice with application of Reiki

Shavasana with guided Reiki self-treatment

The 7 Chakras


Muladhara Chakra
The chakra of security, stability, survival, will, trust and vibrancy

Svadhishthana Chakra
The chakra of creativity, sensuality, pleasure and union

Manipura Chakra
The chakra of personal power, responsibility, self-discipline and self-esteem

Anahata Chakra
The chakra of genuine acceptance, empathy, joy and compassion

Vishuddha Chakra
The chakra of communication; the perfect link between feeling and thinking

 Ajna Chakra
The chakra where the intuition, knowledge, foresight, imagination, and clarity reside

Sahasrara Chakra
The chakra of spiritual connection and awareness

Recorded Online Zoom Masterclass

Opening Up Your Essence

In this recording, "Opening Up to Your Essence" Masterclass, we will delve deep into the spiritual realm with Yin Yoga and Reiki.  This unique class is designed to help you connect with your inner self, harness the subtle energies (Qi) that flow within and around you, and experience a profound sense of spiritual connection. Through the deeply releasing and introspective practice of Yin Yoga, complemented by the healing power of Reiki, you'll embark on a transformative journey towards a more profound understanding of your essence and your interconnectedness with the universe.


This master class consists of  

Introduction: Connecting to your essence with Yin Yoga & Reiki 

Qi Moving Meditation 

Guided Reiki self-treatment 

Yin Yoga practice with the application of Reiki 

Mindful Shavasana & Meditation

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