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Yin Yoga for Restful Sleep - Harmonising Fire Energy

Yin Yoga for Restful Sleep - Harmonising Fire Energy

If you struggle with falling asleep or experience restlessness during the night, join us for this soothing 90-minute Yin Yoga class, specifically focused on harmonizing excess Fire energy and promoting restful sleep.


The class addresses the universal energy of Chi, particularly associated with the spirit residing in the heart. Excess Fire energy can lead to excitement and heightened arousal, hindering peaceful sleep. Through gentle upper-body yoga poses, we'll release accumulated "Yangish" energy in the upper part of the body.


Simultaneously, we'll embrace the calming qualities of Yin poses, including forward bends, to stimulate the Chi flow in the Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians, thereby pacifying your nervous system and regulating the fire energy with the nourishing water energy. By skillfully balancing these energies, you'll cultivate a state of calm observation and experience better sleep patterns. Join us to find harmony and restore your natural state of peaceful rest.


Recorded on 2 June 2023

More about my classes
Welcome to my recorded Yin Yoga Classes where we celebrate uniqueness, letting go of rigid aesthetics and embracing the functional approach tailored to each individual. In Yin Yoga, we delve into a meditative and spiritual practice, exploring the depths of our minds, releasing resistance, and connecting with our true selves.No two journeys are the same, and I encourage you to find your own path within the practice.


During my sessions, I create space to go inward, observe thought patterns without attachment, and allow the body to naturally surrender.​My classes offer a unique blend of Yin Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, Acupressure, and more. ​


For class, please ensure you have a yoga mat, a pair of socks, four tennis balls, a belt, a blanket, two blocks, and a bolster or pillow. Additionally, find a wall for use during the practice.​


At the end of the class, some may prefer extended moments of stillness in Shavasana or meditation. While I keep post-class communication minimal to preserve the practice's effects, I welcome your questions and experiences through email.



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